4. Regaining left eye sight

Before 2010 was over, I found out a crucial complaint of mine, losing sight with my left eye, was food related. A friend had advised me to get rid of all foods with artificial sweeteners. Well, so I did. Apart from an effervescent tablet in the morning, which I took to effectively counter Tinnitus. Iron in combination with Vitamin C. So, there was no artificial sweetener in the house, apart from the effervescent tablets I'm writing about, and some chewing gum packages which I binned when encountering them.

Each morning when I woke up I took the effervescent tablet, together with a few other supplements, after which I walked my dog. I then started realizing my sight was way better before I walked my dog and that I partially lost sight during the walk. On daily basis.

So, let's put it to the test. Wait with supplements till after I come back. I didn't start to loose sight till then. Ok, let's examine all supplements an their ingredients.

The effervescent tablets were the only one with additives with reported health problems: E952 and E954. Two artificial sweeteners, 'Sodium Cyclamate' and 'Saccharin'. Sodium Cyclamate was banned in the US, in 1969. The history of Saccharin is not without debate either and it's banned from France. (source: Wikipedia)

So, I replaced the effervescent tablets with 'normal' pills and three weeks later, when I had a standing appointment with my eye doc, he closed my file. Answering his question about what caused the change, he looked at me as if I had lost it. Well, no. The opposite. I regained vision with my left eye. Not 115% as it used to be, not by a long shot, but good enough. Things I see with left are blurry. But at least I see them. I can READ with it if needed. Again.

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