6. Antidepressant

To keep a long story short, I'll say I've been depressed since I was a kid. In my case, it had a cause which was not hard to pinpoint, I just had never let anybody close enough to me to have gotten a helping hand. Since I didn't know any better, I never realized I was depressed. And yes, during the months prior to my very own very first major MS attack, my depression had gotten severe. Dangerously severe. But I'll skip the details at this point. Later on I might get into more detail here.

During my hospitalization, summer 2010, I was asked if I were depressed lately. Not realizing I actually was since I didn't know any better, my mood always had pretty extreme ups and downs, my answer was a simple 'no'.

Summer 2011 I came across a movie, Prozac Nation. I expected it to be some sort of documentary ranting a the craze for anti depressants in the US. It was nothing of a rant at all. I recognized crucial parts of my own history and I decided to seek help. Which I got.

I was put on an SSRI: Lexapro, and I was about to enter the happiest period in my life until then. Despite me starting to loose proper sight with my left eye again, everything was perfect. I even experienced a temporal boost with my mobility.