7. Vitamin B12

I was suffering from severe Fatigue. If anything, I didn't need to do much for it to play up and ruin the next couple of hours. Where ever I mentioned it in my search for help, all claimed not to be able to help me on the matter. So, I went to the Google University. I came across writings about Vitamin B12, it seemed to be able to boost energy a tremendous deal.

When drilling down into B12, I had my general practitioner reluctantly prescribe me some during spring 2011. At first I was pretty disappointed. Other then some placebo giving me a temporary boost, it didn't do much. I thought. I thought wrong. during the day and following days I noticed an enormous cognitivity boost.

When explaining to others what it was like what I experienced, I compared it to driving a car: doing 150 mph on the highway, comfortably zooming. Everything was slick. Just purrfect. But it didn't last long. After a few days it was as if the car which was doing 150 on the highway was still in the same speed, but now in the fields, humping and bumping. I panicked. Every three weeks a shot, the doc had said. So, ~2.5 more weeks to go in the horror my mind had become. Or, that was my doc's plan, which I didn't stick to. I had the vials in my own fridge, all I needed to do was going back to the Google university and find out how to inject Cyanocobalamin. No problem, easy enough. Now I just needed to get me some syringes. That was way easier then I had thought, there were no questions asked when I head for the drug store. After self injection I was back on 'my highway'. Did I cover yet my cognitivity had gotten a major blow as well during my MS attack of summer 2010? Well, anyway, B12 almost made me feel my cognitivity was back to normal. I at least could find my way around my very own kitchen again, making coffee was back on auto pilot. When going out biking, I didn't have to walk up and down a gazillion times for obvious things like keys, bike bag, trouser clamps, my lock, etc. almost every single time. Also a great bonus: interaction with people was going way smoother. Though research didn't show a B12 depletion, all the benefits I experienced from it made it look like I did have a depletion.

My general practitioner failed to want to prescribe it to me on regular basis and according to my MS nurse at the time, my neurologist, also at the time, had said there was not enough experience with B12 in the neurological field, to be able to prescribe it to me. That answer was wrong in so many ways, don't get me started. Google if you like.

I asked for my file and went for a second opinion at an MS center. Unfortunately I still had MS when the neurologist was done with me, but I got my B12 prescription and I was welcome in his practice. Need I say I switched neurologists and hospitals even though it's a bad ass trip every time I need to get there?

I hope not. Of course I did.

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