5. MS medication

Around the time I was regaining my sight I had a relapse, I got a serious problem with walking. From then on I started using a cane. For a pretty long while I used Vitamin D3, what seemed awesome in putting mobility back into my gate. But, I only experienced this the first few weeks, it very well might have been a placebo effect. But, the effect was awesome enough not to want to take medication at the time. I cancelled my request for medication at the very last moment. The medications offered were different branches of Interferon: Avonex (weekly injection), Betaferon (every two days injection) and Rebif (every week three injections).

A few months later, when I had my every-six-months-appointment with my neurologist I had gone backwards again. Again I was suggested to get medication and this time I went for it: Avonex. For the sole reason it's on weekly basis. I started it somewhere halfway 2011. Getting used to it, I had the usual side effects. One time I hadn't taken any Paracetamol upfront and went to bed right after the shot, in hope to sleep off thirteen hours of inevitable depression. At the given time life was pretty depressing anyway, what would you feel like if you're an active sportsman being overwhelmed by a disease like MS. But Avonex made it dangerously worse. What would fade in ~13 hours. Yes, I timed it.

But, the one time I hadn't taken the Paracetamol upfront: after a few hours I woke up in horror. I was shivering like crazy and was freezing. I had no Paracetamol at the bed side, yet, and had to go to the bathroom. Badly. Welcome to MS. I had a serious issue getting there. It was my worst case of inability to walk so far.

Finally having made it back to bed, I realized I had forgotten taking Paracetamol while near the kitchen anyway. I decided to suck it up. Go with it. Wait till I start feeling better. With or without Paracetamol it wouldn't last forever anyway. After several hours I dared getting out of bed to get some Paracetamol. This I never let happen again. from the on I had a cane and paracetamol next to the bed on nights I used Avonex. Of course, a night like this never happened again.

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