February 20th, 2014

February 20th, 2014

Confession time. Sort off. I haven't come to writing yet about how I did during 2013, so at this point it might be of some news that I've been relapsing like crazy.

Starting in April and ending in July, I've been hospitalized for a minimum of five days, each month where I received a treatment with Methylprednisolone. Each time, after a few weeks, I was relapsing again. Each relapse had its own cause.

  1. A too strong headwind when riding my bicycle after I had gone shopping.
  2. Feeling greatly recovered one night I did too many things. Like cleaning the bathroom floor and baking stuff in the oven.
  3. Having tea with my neighbor. In the sun. A not too strong sun and it didn't hit me straight away, but I had to crawl to be able to move myself without the mobility scooter which I had gotten a month before.

After that last Methylprednisolone treatment I have been pun on Tysabri. With success, I haven't relapsed since. Apart from miniature relapses caused by a smoke, booze, or a too high temperature. But from those I can recover without medical treatment.

Apart from Tysabri seemingly doing its job, it of course comes with side effects.

  • Insomnia.
  • Night sweats.
  • Constipation.
  • Allergic skin reaction in the form of Eczema.
    At the beginning I thought I could live with the side effects. That they would subside. But all were unpredictable. Most predictable was the insomnia, from the third week on, after infusion, I generally would be able to get proper sleep at night.

    And then, unexpectedly:

  • A sudden major distrust in big Pharma: https://foodiscrucial.com/?q=NSAIDs.
    Combined with:

  • A desire to go back as it was before my chain of relapses, which had its own cause. If I'm damning myself to another chain now, I'll be begging my neurologist for Tysabri again, probably, but for now I put my trust in the diet I'm on for 2+ years already, which had me go back running and traveling in the past, in summer 2012.
    My major distrust in big Pharma is from very recently, from roughly a week ago. I decided not to take any long term medication unless its need is proven. Like with the Tysabri nearly ten months ago. I now have cancelled My Tysabri treatment.

    The third of March of 2014 I am was scheduled for my next infusion, let's start counting from that moment on.

    I prefer food and food only, as my long term medicine.

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